GPF Forms

  1. All GPF New Forms 
  2. GPF Form A – Application for Admission 
  3. GPF Nomination 
  4. GPF Declaration 
  5. GPF Form B -Application forTemporary Advance 
  6. GPF Form G – Application for Non-Refundable Advances 
  7. GPF Form D – Bill form (Malayalam) 
  8. GPF Form EI -Transfer of Balances to Govt. Bodies (Gazetted) 
  9. GPF Fom EII – Transfer of Balances to Govt. Bodies (Non Gazetted) 

NPS Forms

  1. Option form to Continue Statutory Pension 
  2. NPS Subscriber Registration Form 1.5 
  3. PRAN Application Forms 


  1. GPAIS Nomination Form [Form I] 
  2. GPAIS Deduction Schedule [Form II] Excel Format
  3. GPAIS Claim Form 

GIS Forms

  1. GIS Application Form [Form GIS-A] 
  2. GIS Deduction Statement of Non-Gazzetted Officers [Form GIS-B] Excel Format
  3. GIS Deduction Statement of Self Drawing Officers [Form GIS-B(1)] 
  4. GIS List of Members [Form GIS-C] Excel Format
  5. GIS Application For TR-72 Certificate[Form GIS-D] 
  6. GIS Memorandum [Form No.1] 
  7. GIS Memorandum [Form No.2] 
  8. GIS Application For Payment [Form No.3] 
  9. GIS Request to Produce Application for Payment (Death) [Form No.4] 
  10. GIS Application For Payment [Form No.5] Death Case 
  11. GIS Nomination for Unmarried Employees [Form No.6] 
  12. GIS Nomination for Married Employees [Form No.7] 
  13. GIS Register of Members [Form No.8] 

SLI Forms

  1. SLI Proposal Form 
  2. SLI Changing Nomination Form 
  3. SLI Application for Loan 
  4. SLI Claim Form 
  5. SLI Deduction Schedule 

Leave Forms

  1. Application For Leave 
  2. Medical Certificate 
  3. Medical Fitness Certificate 

Employment Forms

  1. Vacancy Requisition Form – State Govt. 
  2. Vacancy Requisition Form – Central Govt. 
  3. Discharge Certificate 
  4. Quarterly Employment Return [ER-I] 
  5. Biennial Occupational Return [ER-II] 

Election Forms

  1. Female Voting Count for Assembly Election 

Miscellaneous Forms

  1. Jal Jeevan Mission – Application form for Water Connection 
  2. Form of Undertaking to refund excess pay vide GO(P)No.169/2019/Fin dated 13/12/2019 
  3. Annual movable or immovable property statement 2019 Forms 
  4. Annexure H – Prior intimation for Passport Application 
  5. Challan Forms 
  6. LTC Related Forms 
  7. Apprentice Contract Form 
  8. SPARK Enrollment Form 
  9. Joining Proforma for Police verification 
  10. Physical Fitness Certificate