Thiruvananthapuram: A total of 110 junior English teachers in government higher secondary schools in Kerala will be forced to bow out of their jobs by this month-end. Most of them are from districts in northern Kerala. These many teachers were found in excess in the staff fixation process held last year, but were retained in the supernumerary posts this year. (Supernumerary means present in excess of the normal or requisite number.) The Director of General Education (DGE) has now issued an order maintaining that the last date for them to continue is March 31.

The order states that they will be called back as per seniority as and when regular posts arise. However, it is not clear when this will happen. Since they have to be out of service till then, these persons appointed by the Public Service Commission will lose wages and other benefits. Since continuity in service is affected, it will affect their service matters, including promotions. The DGE order also instructs that the principals can appoint guest lecturers in such schools if the need arises after their exit.

Blame staff fixation

Teachers in schools having less than seven English periods weekly will be forced out of their posts in proportion to the number of students and batches in each one. As per last year’s staff fixation in higher secondary schools, a total of 87 junior English teacher posts can only be retained. The order retaining the rest 110 persons in the supernumerary posts was issued only on March 1, 2023. The sudden order issued consequentially now makes clear that the supernumerary posts will become void by this month-end.

The order also says that apart from giving them reappointment when the regular posts arise, separate orders will be issued, transferring them to schools with vacancies having seven to 17 periods, as per seniority.

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Recognized as per Order Number – GO (MS) 22/2011 P & ARD Dated 18/07/2011