The Kerala Government has started the Vidyakiranam project to aid children who cannot afford digital services during the online studies in the Covid-19 pandemic.
The State government said digital services and equipment such as laptops or tablets are as important as other learning tools such as pencils, books, and pens. Under this scheme, the laptops will be distributed to the Kerala SC-ST students. The laptops with a three-year warranty and preloaded with Kite’s free software application will be offered to children through school. For this reason, a memorandum of understanding has been signed between the school and parents, and laptops will be distributed at a cost of ₹ 18,000 per laptop.

Steps to be taken before issuing laptops to students.

1) Download the script using the link
Paste the downloaded file in Desktop or Home and run it.

2) Verify the of the laptop with the printout given from KITE

3) Enter the details in stock register.

4) Assign the laptop to students through the site HTSPMS Ensure to issue the same laptop to student assigned in HTSPMS.

5) Generate the agreement by clicking on the name of the student

6) Duly sign the agreement by both HM/Principal and Parent

7) Keep one copy in stock register and handover the other to Parent

8) Manually enter the details in issue register also and get sign from parent.

9) After the completion of the course or transfer of the student take back the laptop and keep in school as library mode
For more details & help file pls check your school mail. If any doubt arises please contact KITE officials

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Recognized as per Order Number – GO (MS) 22/2011 P & ARD Dated 18/07/2011

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